Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hi Everyone! I'm Back!

I know it's been a while, but please don't hate me! : ) My postings were taking so long to correct when they would go up with mistakes (I am a stickler for grammar, spelling and organization) that I gave up for a while. But now that I see they have changed the editor, this will be so much more intuitive and direct.

Alot of things have changed and moved forward with The Americana Stars Memorial. I am now working on the new website home of the project,, with Leigh, my HTML code writer and designer.(She is one of the stitchers on the project. I have spoken of her many times before.) Since this memorial is sponsored through a non-profit arts organization, it didn't feel right to show it on my .com site anymore. It will now have a home of its own! It is still in the works, so the home page will redirect you to where I still have all of the information.

I am always making calls and trying to schedule appointments to move forward. The fundraising has been difficult since everyone has such money issues this past couple of years, but I found a way to hopefully work through that. One of my contacts (I am not at liberty to say right now) came up with a wonderful idea. So I am starting my new Sponsor-a-Star program. Anyone can sponsor the star of a friend or loved one and receive special benefits. To read more, check it out here! I am so excited about this. I already have stars sponsored!

I hope all of my followers got my emails with the new blog address. For those who linked my project to their blogs, a very special thank you.

Oh, by the way, I think you might like to know that I am now up to 3000 stars completed! Only 500 more to go!

See you later! Thanks for reading!