Sunday, 3 May 2009

Another Quick Update!

Yesterday I wrote about a new follower named Terry. I could not get onto her blogs to visit, but my computer cooperated today so I want to let you know about her work. She has several blogs, but I will tell you about 2 of them.

Shut Up and Stitch is about Breast Cancer Awareness. She belongs to several BCA stitching clubs and has lots of links for information. She also shows her cross stitching projects with awareness ribbons of various design and color.

Autism from the Beginning is another blog very close to her heart because one son has it and the other is being tested. It has many links for information and her blogging about her and her sons' experiences are quite interesting to read. If anyone out there needs help, you can find some wonderful resources here.

Thanks, Terry, for becoming a follower and for giving me the opportunity to spread the word about 2 medical issues that are way too common today.

See you later! Thanks for reading!

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