Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Whoa, It's Been a Long Time!

Holy Cow! I look at the date of my last post and I wonder "Where have I been?" Almost 3 whole months. Alot of catching up to do.

First, The Americana Stars Memorial. I had a meeting with some people down at ground zero about the project. They really like it, but since the decision is not up to them, I need to keep in touch and stay in their sites. Well, after 30 years in New York, I think I finally figured out how to do that without ruffling feathers, so I will continue to work on it. Fortunately, they are being very open about sharing their final list of victims names so I can be accurate on my own project.

I am still stitching like a crazy person and I am so proud to say that I have at least 2800 stars. Of course, I need 3800, but I have certainly made a dent so I can start to prepare for the next stages of planning - the panels.

Donations have been sparce ($15.) but I am still working on what to do about it. I have always been so good about how to raise money for the charities for which I have volunteered, but when it comes to my own project, I have trouble asking for it. Maybe some of you can get the word out for me to everyone you know. This blog has picked up alot more visitors in the past couple of weeks so hopefully you can give people the address, they will want to donate, etc., etc.,

I have since located my Great-Grandfather's burial site in Brooklyn and I have to say, boy, was I impressed. I have already put together a post about my adventures about that whole day of discovery and when I get the pictures taken and uploaded, I will be eager to share. It really was quite a eye-opener!

Welcome to my new followers - Tami, Keli, xstitch crazy, Terry and tpatterson2. If you have blogs, please let me know so I can add you to the list.

As you know, I have several companies supporting the memorial project. One of them is Dazor Mfg., with a lighted magnifier. Well, I broke the original piece they sent me and without hesitation, Stan Hogrebe, the owner, sent me a replacement (expensive). What a mensch! All of my suppliers have been very generous with me and I hope you will look at the list in the sidebar at left and check out their websites for things you might need for your own stitching work.

A very special thank you to Colleen H., one of my stitchers. She recently was the focus of a profile article with Nordic Needle's email newsletter and talked about The Americana Stars Memorial. You can read it all here at Nordic Needle. I have no doubt that that is why I have had so many new visitors to this blog and how I received the 2 new donations. She lives in a town in upstate NY that was recently proclaimed by CBS News as one of the 10 Coolest Small Towns in America. I hope to visit her in the fall and finally meet one of my very best stitchers. Visit her at her blog, Colleen's Cross Stitch, and say hi!

Well, I hope to not be a stranger to my own blog and I will do my best to post more often.

See you later! Thanks for reading!

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